Within the Cudos decentralised compute network, consumers submit jobs or tasks that they would need extra computing work. When a job is submitted, it goes through a series of events before it is finally processed of fails to process.

The infographic highlights how jobs are processed on the CUDOS network. Testnet is live and staking of the Cudos token also life on some exchanges. As a dapp that wishes to submit jobs to the network, the process it enumerated here.

The Cudo platform is currently live and supports a single workload and provides different activities in benchmarking resource providers, supply-side customers and benchmarking of the resources. It plays an important role in payouts by determining the pricing using the Cudos pricing engine.


As technological advancement moves into the era of automation and machine age, applications will require higher and efficient competing power to execute complex jobs. This will require a disruption of the existing server resource infrastructure which is expensive and limited in computing power for individuals and startups. …

The Cudos platform is a decentralised cloud computing network and platform that providers resources for off-chain blockchain jobs. The platform is a 3-layer network connecting consumers to resource providers. Layer-1 is the smart contract layer, which interacts with the blockchain smart contract to process and submit jobs to the off-chain…


Blockchain and technology development

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