Algorand Blockchain Week In Review #2

This week news was focused on partnerships and gains being made by dapps on the Algorand ecosystem.

{#1} We still continue to see the potential of Algorand as the destination for apps. YouNow announces its project, called Props, will migrate to @algorand

{#3} As if that is the end, @Rhovit announced that it will move to the algorand chain with its numerous users. I like the positive vibe surrounding Algorand and the wave of apps migrating to the platform. This is the beginning of many more to come

{#4} According to AMBCrypto, the Algorand coin was among 3 cryptos so a reversal of fortunes following the price surge of Bitcoin. It is one of the Altcoins that followed the trend.

{#5} As someone who signed up to be one of the beta users of @PlanetWatchsas, I was excited to finally get a sneak peek into what the UI/UX will be. I am now pumped up to test it. Let us go PlanetWatch



Blockchain and technology development

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